Summit Entertainment

Summit Entertainment is a film distribution business, which now competes voraciously amongst the top distributors in Pakistan. We have an interconnected and independent network in distribution operations.

Our core business is to source films from the around the world for Pakistani cinema, and end to end distribution operations: from censor approval to clearing agents to movie number verifiers, and to obtaining sponsors for movie promotion in Pakistan.

We also support local film makers. From providing seed capital to support in the post-production process, to distributing it worldwide, we can help in getting local film makers get there films into cinema.

Our sister company is Super Cinema – which is our multiplex and cinema exhibition business. Super Cinema is now the largest cinema multiplex business in Punjab, Pakistan.

The fact that we are a vertically and horizontally integrated business gives us a huge competitive edge over other distributers and cinema businesses. We are aggressive in our distribution business, and having multiplex cinemas gives us an advantage that we are able to give a longer viewing time to movies, ensuring a film- viewing success from a time duration point of view. Furthermore, all our cinemas are multiplexes, (as compared to the majority of cinemas in Pakistan which are single-screen), which ensures a larger foot-fall into our cinemas, as well as gives us the ability to show a larger variety of films.

Our excellent relations with exhibitors of other Multiplex and Single screen owners combined with our state of the art technical solutions give us the ultimate edge in distribution, exhibition and collection.